Transiency [tran-see en see]
1. for a short time only; temporary or transitory
2. philosophy a variant of transeunt
3. a transient person or thing

Memorial for Anna Isabella Sandoval

June 15th, 1990 - Oct 24th, 2012

Loved forever, never will you be forgotten. I miss you so much Annabear, you will always have my heart and soul.

You are such a beautiful person. Loving, devoted, creative, sweet, beautiful, spiritual. You had all the qualities I look for in a mate. You were perfect. There is no one like you and never will be again

You possessed the lost art of communication, we could talk about anything without hostility; allowing our relationship to flourish and providing an environment where resentment could never develop because we could talk out any issues that arouse

You were my partner, my teammate, my soulmate, my lover, my fiance, my best friend

It is true what they say, the best of us die young, and she was the very best. Taken away far too soon.

We were the only people in the world who truly knew the other, no one knows me like she did, and no one knew her like I.

Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all


09-19-13 - Her memorial will be continually updated, eventually with art, stories and more pics. Check back soon.

Showing each other our love Christmas with the family (Dec '11). She looks so happy in this pic, my pretty girl. Another christmas pic Working together in my office. Note the Gita in the background. We both love the Gita Pretty girl in my office :)